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"Stuck Wounded Woman" Workshop

My signature workshop is focused on women who have made a commitment to move beyond old, underserving and toxic relationship stories, and realize the importance of building a NEW foundation in which to move forward on.  

Staying stuck in a cycle of never-ending chaos, brain fog and hopelessness is NOT a good place to be.  Often times we stay "stuck" in this mess for years - if not an entire lifetime.  It is sad, frustrating and absolutely NOT the place that you belong! 


"Surviving & making do" is a very common and limiting mindset. It follows us into the other areas of our lives to a point that can become very isolating and unmanageable.  You stay stuck because you BELIEVE the lies that your own mind, others, and history/experiences tell you. 


The"Stuck Wounded Woman" workshop is the place to START.  I teach a very basic 5-Step model of how to break free out of that old mindset, and create a NEW mindset - a FOUNDATIONAL MINDSET - that is going to serve, support and build you back up to move on to your bigger goals, dreams and desires.  

If your committed to change that sticks and is sustainable, then this workshop is for YOU my beautiful friend.  

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